Sydney based St Humain is riding a wave towards popular music dynasty. Inspired by the modern titans of pop, such as Dua Lipa and Post Malone, there is something striking and surprising about the music of the Australian. Combining the vitality of pop, the ambience of electronica and the groove of R&B, the singer envelops you into his silk-laden vocals and vivid songwriting.

St Humain stole the hearts of fans with the release of his ’19 debut EP, EMOTIONAL SAUNA, a project brimming with hits and emotional depth. St Humain also launched his own clothing brand under the same name, with each release to date being partnered by items with a unique aesthetic within the artistic space of the song.

St Humain’s follow up EP METADRAMATIC takes its listeners on a relatable journey through relationships of each variety. Whether romantic, friendship or self love, Humain casts his gaze on situations and dynamics with humour and thoughtfulness, accompanied by modern and immersive instrumentals. The artist commented ”I think it’s very cool to confess at least to yourself what you’re actually feeling. I think that gives you a level of freedom and helps you somehow gain confidence just to be yourself. And to identify the negative feelings too, I think that’s the first step on the way to overcoming them.”

With a striking sound and substance in his style, and supported by this gorgeous body of work, St Humain looks set to break through into the burgeoning mainstream market.

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