Interview: Ryan LaCour – Down

Ryan LaCour was raised around a lot of gang violence, being that a good part of his family was involved in gang affiliated activities. However, LaCour’s mom had different plans for him and his brother, moving them to Dallas, Texas.

Hey, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. Can you tell us about your early career? Where did you get the idea for the music industry?

I grew up in a music loving household, I was heavily inspired by Usher’s 8701 album, which led me to start writing my own songs. I wanted to be the next Usher.  I got the idea for the music industry by being inspired by Usher, Neyo, and Chris brown. After winning several talent shows, between ages 13 and 16, and being compared to Usher, Neyo, and Chris Brown who were my favorite artists at the time, I knew that the music industry was for me and what I was born to do.

Where do you start when producing songs? 

Whenever I’m creating a song, I create a scenario and I find what vibe fits that scenario best. And then the lyrics just start to appear in my head. I often say “I don’t write songs, the songs write themselves”. I often compare my way of creating music to a painter painting a masterpiece. A lot of emotions, a lot of honesty, and a lot of openness. 

Your latest song is ‘Down’. Can you tell us more about the making of it and if there were any unusual things happening during the process?

Yes, so Down is a very special song to me because it is my first single release utilizing major distribution through Symphonic. The song was born on instagram during one of my instagram lives where I wrote and recorded the demo. The producer, GCB, reached out to me and said that he liked the song so much that he wanted to offer me the exclusive rights to the beat if I released it as a single. After finishing the original demo, I then hit up one of the biggest producers in Dallas, Don Perreaon, and we finalized the record and got it prepared for release. Don Perreaon has worked with Timbaland, Omarion, Flo Rida, and the Les Twins. I released this song on July 15th with the help of The Vision Records.

What was the most difficult challenge you faced? 

The most difficult challenges I’ve faced so far in my music career has been finding a team that has my best interest at heart. I ran into a lot of snakes and sharks in this industry who had alternative motives with my talent. So now I’m focused on keeping my circle small and doing as much as I can myself. I’ve ultimately realized that you have to pay to play in this business. 

What is your goal in artistic activities?

My goal is to become a premier talent in the R&B spectrum and revitalize male R&B to its former glory.

How do you know when work is finished?

I know that a song is finished whenever I can listen to a song over and over again without wanting to add critics. Being a virgo, I fall victim to being an extreme perfectionist.

What is your trademark? It’s about unique sounds or behaviors on stage.

I believe that my trademark is my unique sound, I sound like no other artist that is currently out. So when people hear me, they will know who they are listening to. Honestly, I believe that I am bringing attractiveness back to the male R&B sector. I honestly believe that I look better than most male R&B artists that have debuted in the last few years. I’m bringing together the 3 major core values, attractiveness, vocal talent, and dancing skills.

What are your biggest achievements so far as an artist, but also personally?

One of my major accomplishments as an artist was working with ColdPlay on their song Magic and being able to work with several Grammy Award winning producers on my own personal record and being able to secure major distribution by myself. 

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Dj Battlecat acknowledged me as a future business mogul, calling me the next Jay Z of R&B. ( Dj Battlecat, the producer of California Love by Tupac). I was also called “the next bing thing in R&B” by one of my inspirations, Neyo. Don Perreaon calls me “a young legend”.

What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future are, I plan on releasing 3 more singles this year and a major project at the top of next year and growing my brand and increasing my platform. I plan to become one of, or if not, the top male R&B attraction in the world with hard work, discipline, and dedication.

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