Ashlynn Malia drops conflicting and delicate track “Lucky Guess”

Rising LA pop musician Ashlynn Malia drops delicate track “Lucky Guess,” carried by her wispy, husky vocals punctuated by soft beats and gentle instrumentals. A track that toes the line between an anthemic production and heartfelt lyricism, Malia manages to capture the conflicting feel of putting on a happy face while putting on a happy face.

Leaning into her signature style of deeply personal song writing, “Lucky Guess,” will resonate with anyone used to pushing their feelings aside to seem okay. Starting slow and building to soaring soundscape, the promising talent has us reaching for the replay button with this conflicting number.

Speaking of the track, she says, “The track doesn’t sound like it should have those lyrics. It sounds like it should be uplifting, but the lyrics tell a different story.”

At only 20, Ashlynn Malia who has been writing her own material since the age of 10,  has crafted a sonic world that allows us a glimpse of her life and experiences, led by vocals that she has steadily refined and mature song writing that consistently captivates us.

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