Jacob Lee is nothing if not prolific. Since emerging in the midst of the ‘10s, the Queensland singer/songwriter has released three EPs and six studio albums, as well as boasting the title of the first NFT musician in Australia, an industry which has seen him achieve great success. Lee’s delicate vocal and picturesque soundscapes are commercially enticing and full of character, gaining a worldwide fanbase and amassing flying support from tastemakers and audiences.

Jacob’s new single, “Easy For You”, is the artist’s first song of the year, and sees him lean further into enigmatic ambience than ever before. The fifth teaser into his upcoming album, the song concocts a sweeping and stylistic palette for Lee to draw upon, flaunting his sharpened vocality and evoking songwriting.

On the track, Jacob comments that “Easy For You is a cryptic track that delves into the complexities of an unbalanced relationship. Its minimalistic production and lyrics were designed to convey a sense of alluring ambiguity, inviting listeners to uncover their own interpretations of the song. This track is a departure from my usual production style and represents a step forward in my personal growth as a songwriter and producer. “Easy For You” is the fifth single in my upcoming album, Lowlyland, an intimate and relatable collection of songs that dive deep into the inner workings and complexities of human emotions.”

As he builds up to the release of his new album, Jacob Lee looks set to continue to progress his sound and rise in acclaim.

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