Originating from Spokane, Washington, Kate Castro has always been surrounded by music; from a musical home life, Castro began her career in the industry at the ripe age of 15, when she started performing at ceremonial functions and sporting events, gaining a progressive reputation in her home city. Her sound is refreshing and forward-thinking; plucking sensibilities from the past greats whilst paying homage to the artistic foundations that they set, Castro concepts a modern and varied sound that plays with the borders of genre, epitomised on this new single.

“Telepathy” is drowning in emotional resonance. Unafraid to be honest in her lyricism and uncompromising in her performance. The instrumental, built from seamless and slick guitars, classic percussion and ethereal harmonies, provides a subtle backdrop for Castro’s explorative narrative, delivered with gentle elegance and ardent understanding.

Speaking on the track, Kate adds that she wishes listeners to “interpret the song however they’d like while enjoying the sound.  Feelings of passion and uncertainty are universal. I’ve always loved the word and meaning of Telepathy.  From there, I went with experienced feelings.  Spirituality is a large part of my life and I believe we communicate in more ways than the usual communication=speaking.”

The latest in an unwavering line of powerful singles, we expect Kate Castro to continue to rise through the musical ranks, augmenting her sound and craft in the process.

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