It’s been a wild and winding road for Luci to end up with the vibrant pop that she is now serenading listeners with. Los Angeles-based, Luci’s roots lay firmly in dance music. Having made her name as an electronic producer, we’ve been impressed with her artistic transformation, recently showcasing herself to be a talented songwriter and a dazzling vocalist, as well as upholding the ability to produce in a wide range of genres. A representative of the queer community and an advocate for equal rights and chance in the industry, Luci is hoping to shape the world for the better with each immersive release.

Returning for her second release of the year, following the early cut “Narcissist”, “girlfriend” sees Luci deliver an upbeat banger that plays with the stylistic tendencies of pop and dance music to concoct a dreamy dive into the mind of the singer. Lyrically, the track is tongue-in-cheek and witty, with Luci explaining a desire to have a partner – but only sometimes. It’s a relatable internal battle, and the writer does a focused and fun job of defining this inner conflict. An accompanying video has also been released, featuring popular LGBTQ influencer Alissa Butt.

The single is our latest glimspe into an upcoming album from Luci, which we are highly anticipating!

Watch the video to “girlfriend” below

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