With Puerto Rican heritage and an adopted Uruguayan upbringing, there’s a culturally eclectic backdrop to Nya’s music and image like. The multi-talented artist has won over scores of listeners with their superb and sincere songwriting, working with Grammy-winners such as James Fauntleroy (Justin Timberlake, Kendrick Lamar) and Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson) to unlock an approach that resonates amongst millions, deft and expressive through her discography.

The singer-songwriter has returned with her latest heart-rending and resolute single, ‘l’ll Be Ok”. Plucked from her upcoming EP Side Effects, the track is a stinging yet serene deep dive into the conscious of the artist; almost a diary entry into the inner workings of her mind, on the single we hear Nya in a open and vulnerable state of mind, presenting her struggles with depression in a refined, powerful and refreshing manner. Atop the guitar-driven, vibrant instrumental, Nya flaunts her vocal nuance and versatility, bursting with expression and beauty. The song is matched by a gorgeous video, shot in José Ignacio, Uruguay, with picturesque scenery playing host for sly inclinations of the singer’s struggles.

Talking on the forthcoming EP, the artist adds, “All the songs talk about feelings we, as a society, are often taught to repress and hide. And in that repression, there is so much pain and loneliness. I had one main goal when I began to shape this body of work: catharsis—first, for me in the writing process and then, hopefully for the listener.”

Watch the visuals below…

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