Pulse Park – Strange Matter

The three band members first met some time ago on an Arctic expedition in Qikiqtaaluk, Nunavut/Canada, and started learning their instruments during the long polar nights. These were ukuleles that they traded dry fruits for with the Inuit.

We’ve been obsessed with Pulse Park’s single these last couple of days, and it’s a part of an album you should definitely check it out. Titled “Strange Matter”, the indie record highlights an infectious chorus over gritty guitar riffs.. A combo that comes off laid back at first, but quickly hypnotizes you into listening over and over again.

For fans looking to turn up this week, you can never go wrong with this heavy hitter. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to connect with Pulse Park online to stay up to date and enjoy!

Listen to the whole album:

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