Interview: Lyric Stonez – Take This Heart

With a congregation of millions in her corner, the debut single from Lyric Stonez ‘Take This Heart’ is destined for success. An EDM artist from the US, Lyric is combining her faith with the adulation of the EDM festival crowd. Released in collaboration with musical missionary – Dr Jaymz, ‘Take This Heart’ is a straight up danceable house sound that will give audiences a deeply intoxicating and hands-in-the-air experience, reminiscent of sounds from Clean Bandit and Bebe Rexha.

Hi Lyrics Stonez! Can you tell me a bit about your musical journey so far? 

I was raised in a family of entertainers so music was always an escape for me. Around 18 I really started using songwriting g and singing as therapy. I played local coffeehouses and jammed with friends. I soon was awakened to the reality of Jesus and wrote songs of worship as He was the center of everything for me. I’ve been a worship leader for almost two decades now and have done some real creative projects. I love EDM and am excited to produce this music because it expresses my heart for worship!

I’m totally mesmerized by your single ‘Take This Heart’ – it’s a really hypnotic track. What’s the inspiration behind the song? 

The inspiration behind take this heart is quite simple. In Isaiah 61, the children of God are promised to recieve beauty for ashes, and joy for mourning. This song is about taking the deep places of pain and suffering and offering them to Christ. So many turn to people, drugs, partying, or sex, etc. Jesus is the only one who can truly set our hearts free!

What was the recording process like and how was working with Dr Jaymz? 

Dr Jaymz is an amazing individual. The first time we met we shared similar dreams of reaching people through EDM music. I respect his passion for Jesus and people deeply. I feel very respected by him and free to use my creativity. The label – WhatMusic group has amazing engineers and artists who assisted in this process. This is a dream come true for me to create music using world class equipment.

Your music interweaves so many different styles and sounds. If you could collaborate with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? 

I would love to collaborate with the Chainsmokers. I really love their sound and would love to share Jesus with them. Their music really awakened me to the power of EDM music. 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given as a musician? 

The best advice I’ve been given is from my biggest fan, my husband. That advice is ” be you and don’t stop being you”! That is so important. I’m releaseing authentic music that ministers to the soul of people. I’m not the most polished musician, but I sing from the heart and that is what the world needs.

What have you got lined up for the rest of the year?

We plan on release some more singles this year and start performing,which I am so excited to do.

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