Hennizi Da Don – FLY LIL MAMA

Hennizi Da Don began songwriting and freestyling at 14 years old born in Boston Massachusetts battling on the streets adapting his talent to rhyme and create songs about his environment and maintain his music career as a hip hop competitor later in his life he moved to Brockton Massachusetts in a quest for a better life started going to the studio and started recording songs to elevate his musical attributes to maintain his craft he practices til it’s perfect.

This is the first time we feature Hennizi Da Don on A Portal To The Nordics and it’s for a good reason, titled “FLY LIL MAMA”, we dig his vocal performance and the writing style is something you need to appreciate.

For us, we love the energy the rapper brings to the table. From his delivery to the hook, Hennizi Da Don demands your attention and stands ready to take on anyone who questions that. We strongly recommend you connect with the artist online as soon as possible. In the meantime, be sure to stream the artist’s new music and be on the lookout for what’s coming up next. Enjoy!

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