Michael Faeth – Pleasure

The music video is for “Pleasure”, the first single from the album and a song that succinctly embodies the optimism conveyed on the entire record. While some of the lyrics came about while having fun thinking of the salacious type that might appear in a modern pop song

It’s been too long since an Alt-Rock track has grabbed our attention the way Michael Faeth’s latest has, the new single sparks an imaginative and polished new sound that features rock-like vocals, infectious melodies, and catchy undertones. Which altogether is shaping up to be an exciting new sound for the artist and fans of Alt-Rock music alike.

‘Pleasure’ is quite possibly one of our favorite songs from the artist, check out his SoundCloud page… which means, it’s safe to say we’re hoping to hear more like this in the future. In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep this one on repeat. Don’t forget to connect with Michael online to stay up to date on any upcoming material and enjoy!

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