Emei has “Trust Issues” in new single

Emei is one of the most exciting up-and-coming alt pop meets rock artists to come out in a long time. Her viral bangers “That Girl” and “Late To The Party” have led to a fervent fanbase who relates to her raw authenticity. Now she is back with “Trust Issues”, a contemplation on the difficulties she has to rely on others in times of need.


“Trust Issues” was influenced by a dream Emei had about shaving her head and letting go. Growing up with immigrant parents, Emei was often taught to be over independent to the point where she began to have issues trusting others as an adult. With lyrics including, “recovering perfectionist / learning to let go / I got trust issues / calling them incompetent / cause I need control,” Emei understands her issues with control and asking for help when at times we all need it. Musically, “Trust Issues” is infectious rock infused electro pop at its best with heightened attention-grabbing melodies and kaleidoscopic colorful synths. Confessional lyrics are highlighted against vivacious basslines and colliding soundscapes. Elements of pop, rock and electronic all coincide in this just over two-minute genre colliding track.

Los Angeles-based Emei began releasing music last year but has had a deep history of performing at a young age. She became a celebrity in China competing on Chinese Idol at the age of 15 and afterwards performing months of stadium shows thereafter. With only five singles to date, Emei has already made her mark in the alt-pop scene.

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