Kendall Amon has a “Pity Party” in new single and video

Pop singer/songwriter Kendall Amon has just shared her latest emotional single and accompanying video for “Pity Party”. The track follows “Let’s Be Honest” and “Falling In Love”, both tracks released earlier this year.

With “Pity Party” Kendall Amon reflects on all the ways she has sabotaged her own relationships. The healing she relays is in the recognition and process of understanding our own faults and how we can truly contribute to the negative events happening in our lives. Lyrics relating this narrative include, “Been getting high and watching our world burn /But I’ll take all the blame / It’s a mess but it’s a mess I made / I’ve been told I’m a flight risk.” Kendall takes responsibility for her actions and wants to work through her issues. Sonically. “Pity Party” bleeds sentiments with soulful vocals, minimal moody electronic beats, and a climatic chorus full of fervor. The accompanying video features Kendall singing at a party and in a bathtub fully decked out in a glamorous dress. She is having her own pity party against hues of dark pink and purple, a cinematic backdrop for the song’s poignant narrative.

Kendall Amon has found success with five of her songs being placed in the acclaimed film 10 Truths About Love. Priding herself on her lyric-driven pop songs, the prolific songwriter finds influence in other phenomenal lyricists including Joni Mitchell, Carole King and Taylor Swift. Watch “Pity Party” now and remember to own up to your own mistakes.

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