Stalking Gia is the “Saddest Happy Girl” is new single

Alt pop siren Stalking Gia has returned with her first new single of the year “Saddest Happy Girl.” The track follows 2021’s releases of “Blue,” “Astronaut” and “Worship.”

In “Saddest Happy Girl,” Stalking Gia explores the difficulties and pressures of finding your life’s purpose and having to succeed in all facets of one’s life. Sometimes it is best to just escape and “Saddest Happy Girl” details trying to also find those moments of peace when one steps back from their own expectations.

Lyrics including, “In my gardens / Fill my cup with lemon lime / My problems / I will tell them to the grass / Said the saddest happy girl alive,” show Stalking Gia’s range of emotions in this existential crisis. She is aware of the issues in her life but at the same time she is trying to live in the moment and relax.

Sonically, “Saddest Happy Girl” samples the classic melody of the nursery rhyme “Clementine” while adding driving alt pop soundscapes and a memorable and infectious verse. Stalking Gia’s seductive vocals glide effortlessly alongside lush acoustic guitars and cinematic swelling synths.

Stalking Gia is a New York City based platinum selling singer/songwriter who first started releasing music in 2016 with her viral hit “Second Nature”. Since then, the prolific songwriter has released a handful of singles and an EP as well as partnered with blackbear. With an enticing blend of pop, rock and electronic, Stalking Gia is known for her raw and authentic storytelling and unique sonic blend. Take a listen to “Saddest Happy Girl” now and remember to take time to find your own moments of peace.

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