Skofee shares end of summer banger “Wind Up Hero”

Alt pop artist Skofee has just released her titled “Wind Up Hero.” This new track follows her releases “Where Do You Hide Your Love” from this year and “QVC”, from 2021.

Skofees “Wind Up Hero” is an lively disco infused pop song. However the lyrics carry a meaning. Skofee reflects on her tendency to sometimes sacrifice her well being to bring happiness to others. The lyrics, such as “I’ll smile for you / I’m trying to / cup you’d never know / Wind it up wind it up ” convey that she may not be in a place herself but is putting on a facade to care for someone in need.

Musically “Wind Up Hero” features sparkling synths, captivating melodies and vibrant dance infused pop elements. It serves as the sun soaked anthem to bid farewell to the summer days.

Skofee hails from Wichita, Kansas. Currently resides in Los Angeles. She made her debut in 2020 with her EP titled “Polished.” Known for crafting pop, with thought provoking narratives Skofee is an artist whos gaining recognition and making waves in the industry.
“Wind Up Hero” serves as the track, from her EP, Joyland exploring the universal quest for happiness and fulfillment in our daily lives. Give “Wind Up Hero” a listen. Remember that you don’t have to please everyone or try to be everything, to everyone.

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