Stevie Bill releases irresistible single “The Boy Who Cried Love”

Stevie Bill has been able to refine her musical craft in some of Europe’s most creative cities. Growing up in Amsterdam, she moved to Berlin at 19 to begin writing songs for other artists and gain experience in studios. She’s now found herself in New York and making major waves in the music industry. After a two year hiatus, she’s back with her newest offering “The Boy Who Cried Love” which boasts a more defined, mature sound whilst still tinged with her signature playfulness.

“The Boy Who Cried Love” is an irresistible bop. A rhythmic guitar builds the foundation of the single, glistening in the mix with its chorus-drenched riff. Drums cut through the mix and provide the energy, creating an infectious groove when melted with the guitar that is sure to get you dancing. Her tone is raw, emotional and littered with melancholy nostalgia, this tone helps her  infectious melodies. Synths help glue the mix together, turning the track into a crisp offering, showcasing Gen-Z romance in all its glory. 

Expanding on this further she says,  “I grew up watching and reading about perfect love stories, about frogs turning into princes and happily ever afters,” explains Stevie. “”The Boy Who Cried Love” is about the fairy tale being messed up, about a prince turning out to be a frog and about a swimming pool filled with lies. It’s about a time I believed in a happily ever after, but I learnt that it was all a fable. A heartbreak song, but with Shrek vibes.”

Stevie has quickly found early fans in music tastemakers and more, plus her last single “Good luck to your new girlfriend” was added to key Spotify playlists including Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop and New Music Friday. Citing influences such as 90s R&B singers Toni Braxton and Destiny’s Child and 2000s artists like Avril Lavigne and Britney Spears, Stevie’s relatable stories of ambition, messy relationships and youthful mistakes sees her transforming into an artist with something worth saying. With important messages and infectious tunes, there’s no reason why she can’t climb straight to the top. 

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