Quali explores sleep paralysis on new album ‘When The Dark Presses’

Alternative shoegaze quartet Quali release new eight-track album When The Dark Presses, each track making for an immersive journey through the experience of sleep paralysis.

Juxtaposing lyricism with a stream of consciousness quality with instrumentation that roots itself grungy noise pop sensibilities, the album is off-kilter yet seamlessly cohesive in its arrangement.


From the gentler feels of opening track “Slow,” the alt-pop cacophony of lead single “Eraser,” to the foreboding build of “Anxious” and the slow yet lacerating pace of the title track closing out the album, When The Dark Pressesis cathartic and comforting in its noisiness.

Recorded at the height of the pandemic, the passionate album of fuzzy, loud and ambient sounds was recorded at home in a showcase of Quali’s resilience and innovation, even as the theme reveals the vulnerability and humanity underneath.

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