A New England native who has soared to newfound heights since her move to Los Angeles, Lee has been gathering momentum with a series of stellar singles, creating an increasing level of buzz around her anticipated debut project. A singer-songwriter who combines age-old rock n roll tendencies with a fresh, modern pop-leaning approach, there is a fluidity and creative prowess in the sound and style of Lee, which is illustrated in abundance on this slick, explorative and rousing album body of work.

Written in its majority during lockdown in 2020, the album reflects on Annabel’s choices, her struggles and her past experiences. Reflectively tackling difficult subjects like addiction, lack of money, and the difficult end of a long term relationship, the album is a body of work that holds great brevity in its thematic approach, mirrored by the stirring instrumental palettes and powerful vocal performances by Lee. The singer-songwriter is nuanced in her ability to portray positivity and light through the darkness of the themes, as we are treated to blissful moments as well as the heart-shattering.

Speaking on the album, Lee comments, “Some of the stories on the album relate to being strung along by vampires in the industry. Being mistreated and taken advantage of. Fumbling around trying to fall in love and staying numb at every turn. Grieving the loss of friends, gone much too soon, and trying to see the silver linings but losing hope. Being 3,000 miles from anyone that actually knew me. It was a very dark and informative time.”

A provoking, consistent and complex album, Mother Hammer is a more than worthy entry into the pop-rock stratosphere, and leaves Annabel Lee poised fair a big future.

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