David Francisco – “If You Should Fall In Love”

LA-based, Tennessee-born singer-songwriter, producer, speaker and spinal cord injury survivor David Francisco delivers enchanting production “If You Should Fall In Love,” with his lush vocals floating effortlessly over an indie folk-pop soundscape. Taken from his forthcoming EP Hypothetical Heartbreak, the soulful yet joyous productions is sensitive and powerful all at once as he inspires us to keep going beyond hardships in our life.


With a natural charm and an endearing musical style that has us feeling uplifted and hopeful, the acoustic pop ballad showcases Francisco’s ability to write from the heart as he delivers a message on love and finding someone to love you exactly the way you are.

Emerging from a serious bike accident that left him paralysed from the waist down as an inspiration, Francisco who first gained recognition as an American Idol contestant in 2018 has channelled the positivity and determination from his own life into ours through his soothing musicality as he turns up the anticipation for his immersive production to come.

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