North Carolina-based rising star, Natalie Carr delivers her new single “Apple Pie”, a delightful and soulful masterpiece that leaves a profound impression from the very first note. With its funky vibe, the song effortlessly weaves together a bluesy energy with Natalie’s captivating vocals, making it an instant classic that feels both timeless yet contemporary.

Natalie’s empowering message behind the song adds a deeper layer of significance. “Apple Pie” serves as an anthem for embracing self worth and standing strong in the face of adversity. In a world that often undermines self-confidence, Natalie’s outcry resonates powerfully, reminding us to dismiss the negative opinions of others and to celebrate our own uniqueness.

The song’s genre-bending nature showcases Natalie’s artistic versatility and willingness to explore new musical territories. This fearlessness elevates her artistry and sets her apart as an exceptional innovator in the industry.

As “Apple Pie” continues to make waves, it’s evident that Natalie Carr is a soaring star on the rise, fuelled by an exciting momentum that promises even more exceptional music in the future. With her authentic and experimental sound, we can’t wait to watch Natalie thrive within pop-soul scene.

Stream “Apple Pie” now…

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