Rules shares soulful, vocal house anthem “Call On Me”

Rules‘ latest release, “Call On Me,” is a captivating house track that sets the perfect tone for the upcoming summer season. With its enchanting blend of warm chords and soothing female vocals, the song immediately transports listeners to the vibrant atmosphere of festivals and the seaside.

Hailing from Derby and now based in London, Rules is a highly talented artist, producer, and DJ, known for his versatility and ability to play multiple instruments. His musical style seamlessly combines electronic production and velvety synths with organic keys and saxophone, creating a truly unique sound.

“Call On Me” beautifully exemplifies Rules’ musical prowess. The track’s warm and uplifting nature exudes positivity and emotion, capturing the essence of the value and significance of cherished friendships and reliable support systems. As a result, it’s no surprise that Rules has gained a devoted following on social media, boasting over 50k followers on TikTok.

With his impressive collaborations and consistent chart success, Rules continues to make waves in the music industry. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into the mesmerizing world of “Call On Me” and experience Rules’ undeniable talent firsthand.

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