Interview: Ben-J – The Reason

The Reason (EP), a deeply personal reflection of Ben-J’s life, is set to take the music world by storm and catapult him to global audiences. The anthology is made up of 5 acts, and documents Ben-J’s personal struggles growing up and the period when he had to rebuild his body and mind following a traumatic, life-shattering event at the age of 17.

Hi Ben-J, how are you today?

Hello, I’m in great shape and I’m very excited to have released my first single.

For those that haven’t heard of you yet, how would you best describe your sound, and who have been your biggest influences so far? 

My sound explores different landscapes through nuances of pop, rock and electro.
There are a lot of things that influence me, I am very sensitive to the stories of artists like Edith Piaf, I watch a lot the show in the biggest pop concerts like those of Beyonce and I let myself be carried away by unique voices like Rag’n’Bone Man.

Do you remember what the first song was that made you want to start a career in music? 

I have to tell you, I couldn’t help but watch Hanna Montana on TV. I grew up doing festivals and country line dance so, for me, an artist like Miley Cyrus inspired me to do music. If I have to choose one song I would say The Climb.

And what other artists have you found yourself listening to lately? 

I listen to Tove Lo – True Romance single a lot. It’s an amazing song!

I listen to the whole album Bronco by Orville Peck, I find his universe and his voice incredible.

I’m impatiently waiting for the next Pomme album, which will be released in August. Her voice and melodies are like a wonderfull dream. 

You have just released your new single ‘The Reason’. Can you tell us how that track came about? Is there a story behind it? 

The Reason was born as the grand finale of the EP, also written last, the song is about rebirth, after a difficult time. The Reason to keep going when you are given a second chance. 

It talks about self-acceptance and also the importance of not stopping to create.

For me, this song represents the last day of my past and the first day of my future.

And was there a particular style you were looking for when you wrote it? 

The Reason was composed with a very rhythmic synth. From the earliest stages of creating the song I knew that I was looking to compose the most electro one of the whole EP.

Can we expect a new EP, or even an album from you in the near future?Indeed there will first be a second single at the start of the school year and then the EP before the end of the year.

The pandemic obviously affected everyone’s plans, but what have you got in store for the rest of the year? 

I’m planning to make a music video and we are working on the costume design and storyboard to present the whole project! 

And finally, what is the best piece of musical advice you have ever been given?

Be yourself and never stop

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