Le Sonic x Robert Lee x Lauran Beluzo – I’ll Be The One

Mike Rogers and longtime production partner, Gary Lefkowith are collectively known as Le Sonic. Le Sonic reached the pinnacle of success when their first single, “Any Moment” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Smooth Jazz Chart! 

Le Sonic, Robert Lee and Lauran Beluzo are the latest and greatest to land on our radar in the last couple days. Their single, titled ‘I’ll Be The One’, is perhaps one of the more charming and feeling records we’ve heard in a while. It’s light on its feet, lyrically inspiring, and bold in its own unique writing style. The ending of the track has a rather cinematic outro, in which we believe does an incredible job at capturing the soul of their art.

If you’re looking for something different, we’re confident you’ll enjoy what Le Sonic, Robert Lee and Lauran Beluzo has to offer. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think down below. Don’t forget to connect with the artists online to stay up to date on what’s coming up next and enjoy!

“Le Sonic’s June 3, 2022 release of “I’ll Be The One” is a re-write of my first record release in 1976. I wrote this as a jazzy attempt at doing a traditional standard like “Fly Me to The Moon” or “Misty,” when I was at Berklee College of Music in the summer of ’74. When I found my way from Boston to NYC, I made the rounds of the Tin Pan Alley publishing houses to try and place this song and others. While pursuing that approach I ran into some local musicians who had made their name playing at the Peppermint Lounge alongside Joey Dee & the Starlighters. We put our heads together about going ahead with a real record sans publishing deal. With Disco being the new rage, it was easy to adapt to that genre because the tempo was right around 120 bpm and the bossa beat became 4 on the floor ala Barry White. Our release even preceded the Bee Gees success. The rest of the back story is for my book”. -Gary

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