REBECCA DGD – Raybans in the Rain

Three years after she gathered her first nine singles on the debut compilation Hot Dawgest Night (whose title was a wink to the classic Diamond live album), the adventurous, ever-evolving artist REBECCA DAWGGONE DAVIS has released Raybans in the Rain, a fresh collection of her last 11 smash hits.

It’s been too long since a track has grabbed our attention the way REBECCA DGD’s has. Titled ‘Raybans in the Rain’ and featuring Chago Williams, the single sparks an imaginative and polished sound that features powerful and rich vocals, infectious melodies, and dark undertones. Which all together is shaping up to be an exciting sound for the these artists.

‘Raybans in the Rain’ is quite possibly one of our favorite songs from the artist (check out the artist’s Spotify down below)… which means, it’s safe to say we’re hoping to hear more like this in the future. In the meantime, we’ll just have to keep this one on repeat. Don’t forget to connect with REBECCA DGD online to stay up to date on any upcoming material and enjoy!

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