Olivia Grace doesn’t need “Reasons” in new song

Olivia Grace’s haunting voice and ethereal production set such a scene. Her new song “Reasons” perfectly highlights her specific brand of dark pop.

“Reasons” starts with a looming intro that leads into a cinematic soundscape. Olivia really knows how to build into this dramatic effect, the chorus hits so hard. It just flows over. “I feel alive, you give me feelings, I don’t get why, I don’t need reasons,” her soft voice juxtaposing the chilling production. The ambiance of this song is so all-consuming.


Olivia Grace has such a fresh sound, and “Reasons” sets the tone for who she is as an artist. The vulnerability in her lyrics really shines through. When she sings, “Know that you’re used to it, this cynical mess I’m in, but I don’t wanna bring you down,” it’s so easy to feel the emotion in her voice.

Olivia Grace is originally from Baltimore but is now part of the Los Angeles music scene. In 2019, Olivia Grace released her debut EP “Army” and toured with CANNONSDevon BaldwinCoeur de PirateNinet Tayeb, and more. She grew up surrounded by music and began writing at eight years old, and she doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon.

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