UK songwriter EVER explores her “Selfish” side in new single

English Alt-pop singer EVER – AKA Louise Smith – is set to release her new single “Selfish” alongside her 6 track EP There’s Nothing Small About You. With “Selfish” being the first track on her EP, it sets the tone and demonstrates her powerful style beautifully, Following her debut EP Golden Hour which includes singles such as “Close” and “Indigo Sky.” Released via Yada Yada Music, Selfish is a perfect example of how EVER portrays her unique songwriting guile, with an element of fun and tongue in cheek lyrical content.

As part of the full EP, EVER perfectly captures a sense of nostalgia in her affecting pop music, as she explains, “I’m an incredibly nostalgic person, and whilst writing these songs I delved back into my favorite 00’s childhood songs to feel a sense of familiarity and comfort. It was joyous recording my vocals for this record because it just felt like talking, there was an ease to it I have never felt before. I tried to make some bolder choices with the production and melodies, with the aim of leaning in deeper to the music I have always wanted to make” 

The track contains distinctive harmonies that blend with a cute style of drums, guitar and bass. It’s rich and packs a punch with her frank lyricism, and shows that her sound is constantly developing throughout each release. Though this is the first track on the EP, there’s a lot more to learn and discover behind EVER’s impeccable sound. The track is accompanied by a gloriously shot video, with Smith enjoying her time in a retro dancehall, very Lana Del Rey-esque

Selfish is out now via Yada Yada Music

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