Cece Vee – “Holiday”

South Africa-based alternative-pop artist Cece Vee‘s newest release “Holiday” is another stamp of her distinct experimental pop-infused style we are fond of.  The record is comprised of a dark and moody soundscape with a nostalgic element to it and sees Cece ruminating on how being stuck in the never-ending cycle of life can take its toll on the mind. She calmly delivers a soothing melodic performance over the urgent-sounding canvas with lines like “Rushing through the day, Towards the weekend/ Feeling like a freak/Between the zombies/ Every day’s the same” and pours out her frustrations while making attempts to escape the mundane life. She sums it up in the chorus with “I need a holiday/ To get away, get away/ From the monotony/ I don’t want, I don’t want This reality” as she revels at the thought of breaking free from the burnout.

She further adds that  “As a creative person, I can’t stand doing the same thing every single day. It’s important to take a break when you can and do what sparks joy for you so that you can experience a fulfilling and joyful reality, and really LIVE.”

“Holiday” also comes with a visually stunning music video (produced by Joshua Cookson and co-directed by Cookson and Vee) that takes viewers into Cece’s world where she is stuck in a never-ending routine of work. We see how life can easily be rendered dull but the idea is to find our own way to light it up. The extensive use of motifs and set pieces that accentuate the monotony of life is brilliant as well and adds a nice touch to the vibrant track.

Photo credit: Leanne Durand

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