Savana Santos continues to showcase her remarkable talent for crafting poignant and catchy bedroom pop tracks with her new song, “cheater”. The Illinois-born singer-songwriter and producer delves into the complexities of relationships, weaving a tale of longing and nostalgia with her signature vocals.

In “cheater” Santos demonstrates her gift for wordplay, portraying a protagonist yearning not for someone else, but for the past version of their love interest. With tense, distorted guitars, the track hits emotional highs and delivers a perfectly chaotic bridge that leaves a profound impact.

Delving into the message behind the track, Santos explains, “This was about a specific time in my life, it’s one of the songs that I didn’t love the day I wrote it, but a few weeks later I felt it with all of my heart. I have this note in my phone with just random shit that pops into my brain. I remember seeing the words “I’m a cheater I’m in love with the old you” and it stuck out at me.”

As she steps into her very own new direction, Santos proves once again why she’s become a sought-after artist in the Nashville scene. Her ability to explore niche emotions and pull apart situations in her songs is truly remarkable. Savana Santos is a soaring star in the world of pop music, and “cheater” is a striking glimpse of the bright future to come.

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