London-based Jack Hawitt, an LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter originally from Cumbria, has a long list of collaborations under his belt. From Ava Max to Megan Thee Stallion to Pharrell Williams and beyond, Jack is no stranger to a powerful duet. Now, he partners up with West Yorkshire’s JENNA for a piano pop anthem. Combining their two soulful voices and impeccable storytelling talents, “Our Song” is an emotional and compelling track destined to pull on your heartstrings.

Between the chemistry of their harmonies and the vulnerable emotion in their lyrical melodies, it may come as a surprise that “Our Song” is the first collaboration between the two British creatives. A heartfelt plea of true love, it depicts two lovers’ hope to stay in sync forever after a difficult break from one another — telling the story from both sides. “‘Our Song’ tells the story of two people finding their way back to each other after overcoming the hardships that can manifest in a relationship,” explains Jack.

It is a pure dreamy pop anthem that leaves us hoping they’ll work together again in the future. For now, we’ll be playing “Our Song” on repeat.

Stream “Our Song” now…

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