Known by her surname, Lindsey Kevitch is a Philadelphia-born, LA-based alt-pop artist to watch. Following the success of recent singles “Secrets”, “Don’t Let Go”, and “Satin Sheets”, Kevitch has partnered up with Swedish lo-fi indie artist yaeow. In a captivating new single, “Hate Me”, the two artists balance and complement each other through a melancholic medley of lo-fi, R&B, and pop soundscapes. Raw and vulnerable, the track conveys the questions left in the aftermath of a broken relationship and dealing with the possibility of never gaining closure. Introspective and honest lyrics, steady beats and intricate production, and a blend of voices that feel like a conversation as they weave in and out define the enticing single.

“‘Hate Me’ came about very organically with yaeow,” Kevitch explains. “He started the production, and we basically free-styled the melodies right away, leading us to develop the concept. It’s speaking to someone you once were very close with, asking what they think of you now after everything’s said and done. It’s kind of a sad, emotional tone implying that this relationship ended on a bad note. ‘Hate Me’ captures that feeling of wondering and seeking closure that many people can relate to.”

“Hate Me” comes ahead of Kevitch’s forthcoming EP, Secrets. A hopeful project, it experiments with a multitude of genres while exploring the evolution of a relationship from early fascination to intense love to heartbreak and what’s left in the aftermath. Nostalgic, atmospheric, and silky smooth, Kevitch’s music is bound to capture your heart and resonate deep in your soul.

Stream “Hate Me (ft. yaeow)” now…

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