Maya Ghose shares a sun-drenched sonic journey, “Around the Fountain”

Pop, soul, and hip-hop merge in “Around the Fountain,” the new single from boundary-pushing artist Maya Ghose. Taking listeners on a sun-drenched sonic journey, Ghose’s latest track encapsulates the nostalgia, warmth, and love of carefree summer days.

“Around the Fountain” grows in energy and complexity with every listen, blending fresh, vibrant sound with a delightful throwback vibe. Maya Ghose’s characteristic genre-defying style is on full display, with elements of contemporary R&B, pop, and soul all finding a harmonious home in this nostalgic anthem. The single is produced, mastered, and co-written in a family collaboration by Maya’s brother Braygo, an accomplished producer, engineer, and writer. The two siblings have created a magical mix of styles, crafting a piece that is equal parts innovative and familiar.

This release is Ghose’s first new song since the success of her 2021 album “Where There Is,” and fans will not be disappointed. In “Around the Fountain,” Maya continues to explore, expand, and explode genre conventions, proving yet again that her musical journey is as unique as it is engaging. In addition to the single, the release of the “Around the Fountain” music video adds a visual dimension to the summer nostalgia, perfectly complementing the song’s irresistible allure.

The future of music continues to be bright and exciting, with artists like Maya Ghose leading the way. Be sure to listen to “Around the Fountain” and watch the music video, available now on all streaming platforms.

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