LA act Cole Anyway drops atmospheric pop instrumental “On Hold”

LA musician Cole Anyway drops hypnotic track “On Hold,” with soothing instrumentation and touches of quiet backing vocals. With smooth trance-inducing pop sounds, the track employs lush washes of synths and a laid-back vibe that the Ohio-native act has honed as his trademark.

Rooted in a nuanced message about not moving through life on monotonous autopilot, the track is also inspired by the soft, atmospheric video game soundtracks that Cole grew up loving.

Speaking of the track, he says,”‘On Hold’ also has double meaning for me. Gives off the feeling of relaxing smooth hold music. But also the feeling of life feeling on hold as I autopilot through the days waiting for something to happen, a reminder to myself not to just stay on hold my whole life.”

Under his sonic identity of Cole Anyway, musician Cole Emoff has consistently crafted chill bedroom pop soundscapes that push into psychedelia. Enveloping us with cinematic yet minimal production as he does with “On Hold,” this promising act pulls us into a dreamy but disorienting sonic world.

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