J Cru x Carrington x The Lil Hazy – Blue

J Cru just shared with us their new song. Titled ‘Blue’, it’s a part of the duo new album titled “GOAT LOVER”. The new single is everything we love about the duo’s music. The energy, the verses and the delivery, and even the beat itself are all written exceptionally well.

Featuring Carrington and The Lil Hazy, ‘Blue’ is a banger from the inside out. For fans of hip-hop and rap music that makes a statement, J Cru is doing it right, and they are spearheading an impressive discography filled with records with a timeless sound.

Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to connect with the artists online to stay up to date on any upcoming singles and enjoy!

Stream the whole album here:

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