Alessandra Mele grew up in Italy, singing along to Frank Sinatra and performing in competitions with ABBA covers. Her love for the stage grew as she moved to Norway, went on the Norwegian The Voice, and began studying music at the school LIMPI. Now, at 20 years of age, Alessandra is Norway’s entry for Eurovision with her hit single “Queen of Kings”.

The pop song covers themes of self-assurance and finding power within oneself. It has garnered success across all platforms, with 46 million streams, 300 million views on TikTok, and 4.7 million on YouTube. The new acoustic version, which is out today, accompanies the original and really allows Alessandra’s breathtaking voice to take centre-stage. With her uncle on the guitar, the version is slowed down and stripped back, illuminating her enticing lyrics and impressive vocal range. It is intimate and raw, and shows just how strong that can be. Confident and powerful, it is no surprise that “Queen of Kings” resonates with the world.

“Anyone can be Queen of Kings,” Alessandra says. “The Queen of Kings is someone who believes in herself and doesn’t care about other people’s opinions. The person has gone through a lot, but in the end has managed to come out victorious with new lessons learned.”

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