Nineteen-year-old Valentina Olson, also known as Deadbeat Girl, started producing music during COVID-19 lockdown. Quickly developing a teen-angst, alt-pop sound with hints of 90s grunge and honest songwriting, Deadbeat Girl has finally come out with their/her debut EP.

The EP, What Will It Take?, is a coming-of-age story — discussing topics from teenage heartache and early relationships to feeling stuck in a conservative hometown and the challenges of growing up queer. The focus track, “These Walls”, tells a powerful story of the latter. The chilling refrain “I feel so trapped inside these walls, does anyone understand me at all?” speaks to their experience being closeted and the hardships of her upbringing in South Florida. It is a song about loneliness that lures you in and makes you feel less alone.

Now based in New York City, it is important to Deadbeat Girl to create a space of acceptance through their music. Grabbing the attention of artists such as girl in red and continuing to grow a loyal fanbase, Deadbeat Girl is well on their way to building that community.

Keep looking out for Deadbeat Girl as she continues to make a name for themselves.

Listen to the EP below…

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