Born in Leeds, Lois released her first single just last year and is already making a name for herself with her soulful sound. Her debut EP, Strange Men, is set to come out this year. After releasing its title track as a single, Lois is back with “Strong”.

The lyrics tell a gripping story of being in a relationship that is not all it seems to be. It captures the confusion and hurt of realising that the very person who claims they want you to succeed is the reason you’re struggling. With a deeply moving message of trusting yourself and standing up for the respect and love you deserve, “Strong” is both intimate and universal. It is no surprise that Lois’ music connects with so many people.

“This is about being held back by someone who preaches they want the best for you through their soft boy scam,” Lois explains. “All they want is to be perceived by the world as the ‘perfect person’ when in reality they are far from it. It’s also about trusting yourself, being self assured, finding your strength and calling out bad behaviour”.

Sonically, the track is smooth alt-pop with hints of R&B that shine through Lois’ vocals. The rawness of the story is matched by the emotion in her voice as she sings over orchestral instrumentals. Soulful and free, “Strong” offers a sound unlike any other.

Lois’ debut EP can’t come soon enough!

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