Some people walk into a life of artistry, designed for it by their environment and upbringing. Others though, are found by music. Amilli, the German singer-songwriter, is certainly an example of such. Growing up in a small town in her native country, Amilli had an interest in the arts as a child, playing piano and sinning in the school choir, but it wasn’t until she chanced singing atop a friends instrumental that she immersed herself into the world of artistry. Since finding success with the tune via a Soundcloud release, the singer has since gone out to become a prolific writer, churning out a series of EP releases and is now readying herself for a long awaited album, entitled SOAMI.

Written in its majority in a small cabin and in her hometown, the artist made sure to avoid outside influence when writing the project, ensuring a unique and intimate experience. We have now been teased with a glimpse into the album in the form of the title track. “SOAMI” is a groove-laden, sultry serenade into the translucent, rich palette of Amilli. Ethereal instrumental texture and sharp percussion act as a colourful backdrop, with Amilli’s spell binding vocality at the centre stage, twisting and turning their way through the narrative that questions her own mindset and the journey she is undergone to accept doubts, delivering memorable melodies and nuanced harmony.

Speaking on the cut, Amilli comments: “The title song “SOAMI”, stands for the urge that everything I do must be perfect and that I link my value to my productivity. With that comes a lot of anxiety and I overthink a lot of what I do way too much. Nevertheless, because of its positive sound and the fact that I face these fears, the song gives me a lot of strength, comfort and self-confidence to break out of my comfort zone and trust myself and the process.”

With the album fast approaching and her sound improving with every passing track, we can’t wait to be further welcomed into the kaleidoscopic sonic stratosphere of Amilli.

Listen to “SOAMI”…

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