Mnelia is a swiftly rising London-based singer-songwriter who borrows from pop, R&B and soul to concoct a sound that draws you into the world of her musicianship and persona. The songstress recently released “White Lies”, which featured high flying Peckham drill artist Kwengface, and saw her once again flaunt her dazzling vocality and raw and honest lyrical approach.

Mnelia has announced the release of her EP Closure Tapes, which is set for release on 12th May, and looks set to be an in depth look at the evolving artistry and emotional resonance of Mnelia. Alongside the release the project, Mnelia will be headlining Omeara on 16th June. Speaking on the project, she comments, “‘In the process of healing, I birthed what feels like my own heartbreak bible. Creating this project was the perfect safe space for me to explore all the many emotions that being a new mother, whilst simultaneously dealing with heartache, delivered to my front door. Every song was birthed from the same sentiment, “speak from the heart.” It just so happens that every-time my heart spoke, she was telling stories of love and love lost. I wanted for every song to reflect each stage of heartbreak, from upset to acceptance and even the fleeting feeling of regression at times. For the average lover, heartbreak isn’t a stranger. Closure Tapes is a testament to that”.

Fresh from her impressive performance at SXSW, Mnelia has unveiled her latest teaser of the album, recently blessing us with the release of “Genesis”, which is a track that overflows with vibrancy and intricacy, a perfect epitomisation of the talent, thoughtfulness and charisma of the artist. We have been treated even further with the release of an intimate, stripped back acoustic rendition of the track. Flaunting her ethereally unparalleled vocal ability, it’s a gorgeous rendition of the cut, leaving us in the highest anticipation for the rest of the EP.

On the song, Mnelia remarks, “Genesis was made on a day where I was battling imposter syndrome. I wasn’t feeling the best in my creative space so decided to make a song which was essentially a prayer/affirmation.” 

Check out the live performance…

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