Penelope Robin delivers a second gripping musical gem with “Taking Back Sunday”, following her first rebellious debut single “Animal”. We are first immersed in the blissful sounds of retro 80’s synth, before the track swiftly evolves into a fierce pop mix of whirling guitars and angsty riffs as we follow the song’s inspiring story of reclaiming one’s personal power. 

In addition to the intimate and expressive lyrics, the star’s journey is enhanced with the iconic imagery of Columbian director Herney Luna who captures the star embarking on her much-needed journey to leave the past behind and achieve self-discovery. Speaking on the track the star commends: Taking Back Sunday’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. Musically it is empowering and makes you feel like dancing crazily around your room, but most importantly, it is a reminder that no matter how much someone takes from you, you can always take it back.”

Music runs in Penelope’s blood as she uses her songs like a diary to express her innermost thoughts and feelings. Infusing her musical influences, Latino heritage and bold personality into “Taking Back Sunday”, the relatable star is proving once again that she is on her way to being the worlds newest pop star.

Watch the visuals below…

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