Based in Reading, Etham has been playing the drums since the age of five years, and performing since fifteen. From busking on street corners to building an audience on YouTube, to ultimately bursting into the industry with his first two EPs, Better Now and Stripped, Etham has continuously shown his soul and talent every step of the way.

Now back with his new single, “I Won’t”, Etham continues to evolve and expand both his sound and his fanbase. A soft piano ballad that tugs at our heart strings, it details two lovers’ commitment to one another amongst hardship. Loyalty and dedication run through the lyrics, highlighting the raw and honest storytelling that the artist is known for. The track takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as his vocals rise and fall. Steadied by the piano, Etham sings with power and trust. The feeling behind his vocals is as clear as if we were right there in the room with him.

This new release is just the start of an exciting upcoming journey for Etham. Between a series of shows, opening for Sabrina Claudio, and travelling for gigs, the future is bright. We cannot wait to see what’s next!

Stream “I Won’t” now…

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