Born and raised in Connecticut, first-generation Haitian American Evenson formed a deep connection with music after spending a large portion of his childhood feeling isolated from his surroundings. With influences such as Kid Cudi, Lorde, Frank Ocean, Prince, and Bowie, the artist realised the power of emotion through song — and the importance of being vulnerable and honest in everyday life. Further empowered to redefine masculinity in the Haitian community, he began seriously incorporating themes of mental health in his own work, and carved out his own space in the industry. With traces of alt-pop, vintage-funk, and moody rock and roll, he creates lyrical poetry with meaningful messages.

Back with a new single and music video, Evenson has released “If I Ever Feel Better”. A synth-pop story of the end of a relationship, the single is incredibly introspective and raw. He asks himself questions and takes note of his mistakes, examining the situation from all angles. With a beautiful vocal range and captivating lyrics, the song is all-encompassing and powerful. “These days, you don’t often see a black artist so open to speaking about emotions and mental health,” Evenson says. “One of my missions is to change that; to make it acceptable for a black man to be fully present in his vulnerability and sensitivity”.

Its accompanying music video, inspired by the 2017 film Columbus, takes place mainly in Evenson’s bedroom, bringing the viewer into his own intimate world. It explores a variety of human emotions, from sadness to rage to solitude, capturing a full range of stages of grief.

Watch the visuals…

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