Born in Vancouver, musician Avry initially set out to work in finance. While studying the subject at the University of Toronto, he discovered his love for music and worked tirelessly at his sound. In 2022, he released his debut project, Bloom, featuring the lead single “Deserve You”, and has continued carving out his niche artistry since. Defining his voice, messaging, and sonics, Avry began working with GoodKarma on a new project — out later this year.

To start the new era, Avry has released a new single, “No Sound” and it truly sets the artist apart from the scene. Moving away from his traditional R&B sound and into a genre all his own, he combines indie-pop and instrumentals, breaking barriers and experimenting. Synth beats and infectious melodies create an atmospheric, dreamy world. Where Bloom brought us into Avry’s journey to figure out who he is as an artist, this new project will show us where he has arrived. And based on the first single, we can’t wait to hear more.

“This new project is the first piece of music I have made that feels completely honest,” Avry shares. “It represents a big step in my sound and maturity as an artist, which I am so excited to share.”

Stream “No Sound” now…

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