Interview: COY Swede – Closer

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Hey COY Swede, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. What first got you into music?

Thank you so much for the invitation!

The music has been around since I was a child. But my career took a different path in computer and systems science. Then the music came back and I started producing melodies that were in my mind and then it has just continued and developed to today.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Actually, there is no one right now but my focus is to find new artists in my size. I do not believe that it is so good to hunt for bigger artists. It’s a hard job and you have to realize this in music. To me, it generates development for new music, so that it does not sound like any other. There are those artists out there who work with just samples and then it usually sounds the same. Or do remixes. For me, it can be training and not commercial. That’s not my thing. I want to create new music.

If there is someone, let them come to me. Some will do that in the future. I’m chill.

Your latest song is ‘Closer’. Can you tell us more about the making of it and if there were any unusual things happening during the process?

Yes, Closer is very unique in its kind if you want to geek out technically.
The stem’s became as many as 28 pieces for the final mix and I have used a classic style to mix the song to get a little vintage but still with a taste of the modern feeling, especially in bassline.

The text is written from an event in life as well. But I wanted the song to have nice ”wave” feel to some elements and I am completely satisfied with the result. In addition, it sounds good in a regular phone in mono. Not many

people can fix it in a classic way. I didn’t say that, someone else did.
I also found a guy called DEXY that did an awesome job on Mastering it in a classic way.
He loved the mix from the start.

What are you focussing on right now?

Producing tons of more new music and my debut appearing on a stage this summer. 🙂

What makes you the happiest?

My two daughters and making music, plus meeting nice and interesting people and chilling on a boat or on the beach!

What is the biggest challenge of being an artist?

The music industries re-couping system for the signed artist or special contracted. The music companies that own the streaming services place signed artist on all the playlist and boost them so they get their money back. This is something all artist don’t talk about. Because they want to keep looking good and make money right!

And the listeners out there doesn’t know why some tracks are showing up and others don’t. It runs and are managed through out all the media today and even the social media.

There are no system that regulate this or no control over it. Every company needs to survive right

In the long ride this hurts the music development and some talented people may give up. The brand is bigger than the actually music today, this also why the music are so blured today.
A brand is important ofc. But this is to the extreme.  Everyone wants to be famous, and some for nothing! 

Its just funny how we people are.

However I’m happy for some of the bigger artist success and many of them have fought hard and are worth it! I have my own favourite.

How do you structure your day?

I’m am very in focus in my flow. My kids have learned that and are very respectfully. They now understand me and know why I do this.
Some days I work on my mixing technique or working on a melody using my voice or piano.
Others I work totally in focus on my on going projects in some steps. It can be layering some leads or the drums.

It’s funny, I act in a very special way when I hit a good melody or progression I like. Then I stop and take a break and just go away and feel happy.
Going back the next day, and feel if it really sounded good. Then I know.

Well not always, but it happens.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of music?

I have a lot of other things going on and also new interests.
But some are, health, cooking, gym, and wanna travel more when there is time.
And one of the new things I am curious of are scents or making perfume. It is also said that what you eat effects your scents.
It is a powerful sens we have right. Lets settle with them, shall we.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

Haha no I don’t actually I may have done that, but no. I sing in one of my tracks actually, called You Are (Praeteritum Edition) 

What are your plans for the future? Any new projects or tours?

Yeah, it will be announced later!  

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