Fate Will Come – The Cost

Fate Will Come is a collaboration of band members hailing from the U.S. and Canada inspired by the hard rock sounds of the 80’s. Their unique collaboration spans two countries as lead singer Renita lives in Canada and all the other band members live in the USA. Their collaboration has morphed into 100 songs in 2 years!

Fate Will Come shared their latest single “The Cost” with us last week, of their new self-title album, which is climbing international and national radio charts, and we’ve been itching to share it with you ever since. Fate Will Come powerful vocals performance is incredible and so when you take the time to dive into the lyrics you can’t help but realize how genius the work really is.

Either way, we see a lot of potential in Fate Will Come’s music and it’s safe to say we’ll be keeping better tabs on them going forward. In the meantime, subscribe and give the band a follow online to stay up to date yourself and enjoy!

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