Interview: Jacob Chacko – Dream

Based from New Milford, New Jersey, USA. First single ” Good Moment” from debut album “Better Now or Never”. A good mixture of blues, rock, country, and pop laced with melodies and harmonies. Much to be appreciated, thankful, and not to take things for granted. Always be good to people and your environment. Peace and God Bless.

1. Hey Jacob, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. It is my pleasure, thank you for having me.

Can you tell us about your early career?

Early days, college bands, parties, functions, you name it (into my late thirties). I took a significant break from music (over fifteen years) and decided to give it another swing. But this time it was going to be different;  to come up with my own original music. It was at the height of the pandemic, my self debut album was conceived “Better Now or Never”. For details of the album and artist, please check out my website:

Where did you get the idea for the music industry?

I have been singing and playing music since I was 12 years old. Once in your blood, it does not go away.

Where do you start when producing songs?

I composed, recorded/produced my album from my home studio in New Milford, New Jersey, USA. I did have the help of my sound engineer Les Lovell ( The Music Factory, Englewood , New Jersey, USA).  The whole album was completed within 6 months in 2021, and the first single ” Good Moment” was released in Mid January 2022. 

We like your latest ‘Dream’. Can you tell us more about the making of it and if there were any unusual things happening during the process?

My latest single “Dream” was very special because it was a collaboration with my two good friends from Malaysia Deepa George and Thomas Verghese. We all used to play music together throughout school/college and later stages in life. The initial form was composed by myself but by the nature of collaboration it evolved to something really special. The song had a strong message ;Starts within ourselves, evolves from what seems “impossible” to “possible”. Try not to overthink or let people tell you otherwise. No matter how big or small, we can “DREAM” a little … Please check out the music video produced by Thomas Verghese:

What was the most difficult challenge you faced?

Because it was done in two countries (USA and Malaysia), we still managed to pull through a good final product. Fortunately with current technology, we can seamlessly share music wav files, import into DAW (Pro Tools). Some of the challenges were more time difference (12 hours apart) and it was a period I had personal family issues (dad was hospitalized). We come through with flying colors.

What is your goal in artistic activities?

At the stage, it’s more original music compositions that people can relate to, find some joy and comfort, especially during these challenging times.

How do you know when work is finished?

For me it’s not about finality/finished goal. It is an ongoing journey.. Hopefully this time, it is more of a consistent process. 

What is your trademark?

It’s about unique sounds or behaviors on stage. My trademark, we are storytellers, observers of human behaviour, ultimately we are entertainers. My trademark  Culmination of blues, rock, and various other genres, combine with melodies and harmonies would  best describe my style of music.  

What are your biggest achievements so far as an artist, but also personally?

My biggest achievement would be to complete the entire album.  I composed, played all instruments on all songs, and recorded. I have never done this before, there was a significant learning curve to the entire process. Made it to the musical charts of certain indie music stations (Museboat, Englenest radio, Amazing Radio, many blogs..) 

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

For the most part, it has been a very positive response to my music from all quarters.  Please check out  :

What are your plans for the future?

Releases my next single “Enjoy The Show ” in Mid July 2022, and a few more singles thereafter. Ultimately by the end of the year, start on a second album, which I believe will be stronger effort than the debut album .. OK all hype, Going to enjoy this musical journey ride. 

Thank you again for having me.

Peace and Love

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