An Old Friend explore – “Native Gardens”

Long Island, experimental indie rock band An Old Friend explore dreams come and gone on “Native Gardens,” an immersive production built on powerful riffs and pounding drums.

With a self-reflective vibe that evokes yearning and contemplation in our souls, the track is dramatic yet airy as soaring guitars and floaty basslines meet bold beats to showcase their genre-bending trademark of hypnotic instrumentation, strong vocals and ethereal lyrics.

The spirited track is accompanied by a dreamy music video that weaves through terrains of forests, cities, mountains sprinkled with symbolic motifs as a narrative of rediscovering your sense of self unfolds

Composed of high school friends Cody Kohler, Eddy Barrera, Cory Brown, and Frank Facompre, An Old Friend offer up an experimental and emotive mix of emo and punk that we can tune into whenever we’re looking for something introspective to sink ourselves in.

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