A potential leading figure in the burgeoning UK folk field, Chesire-born, now Leeds-based singer-songwriter knows how to pull you in with her emotion. Having first discovered a love for country and folk music on a family trip to Nashville, Fenoglio has crafted herself a seat at the industry’s table, taking inspiration from modern folk frontrunners like Phoebe Bridgers and Julia Jackson to concoct a sound that is intimate and familiar, yet ethereal and otherworldly. Her ’19 debut single “Waste” is an understated gem of poise and swooning beauty, and since then the artist has gone from strength to strength.

We now catch a glimpse of Claudia’s artistic progression in the shape of her latest quietly dazzling offering, “As Good As This”. Plucked from Come Play With Breed, Vol 1, a compilation recorded supported by Breed Media that will feature rising local artists, the single sways its listener into a state of nostalgia and bittersweet bliss, with the narrative showcasing a familiar tale of the radiance of true comfort in romance. Atop an instrumental, that brings together soft drums, melancholia acoustic guitar and hazy electric licks with washy production, Fenoglio glides over the soundscape, showcasing a subtle serenity and sharp lyrical acumen.

On the single, the artist explains, “”As Good as This is about feeling entirely comfortable around somebody. I think a lot of people, myself included, have the tendency to love in a tumultuous way that makes you lose yourself and go a bit mad. However, I’ve recently come to realise that love should feel like coming home and this song is the embodiment of that.” 

With an array of gentle and gorgeous singles under her belt, we can’t wait to see what’s next for Claudia Fenoglio.

Listen to the single below…

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