Interview: Luisa Siorou – 80s Rom-Com

Luisa Siorou is a German artist who has already made a name for herself in the world of social media. Starting out this year, she released her debut single ‘perfect crime’ in April, and has already seen thousands of streams on Spotify alone. Her TikTok has gone viral since then, with over 1 million views and 30,000 followers on the platform.

Hey, super nice to have the chance to chat with you. Can you tell us about your early career?

Hey, thanks so much for having me! I’ve been making music since I was a kid and have been writing songs throughout my teens, finding my own sound and style as an artist. Throughout the pandemic I’ve been making the jump to making music full time and have been writing more than ever (I think a lot of artists turned to their craft when the pandemic hit). Earlier this year I finally released my debut single and recorded more songs. I’m really proud of the sound and writing on these records so I hope people feel the same way!

Where did you get the idea for the music industry?

I’ve always loved music my whole life but the thing that influenced me in a big way were all those Disney Channel shows and movies back in the day like Hannah Montana, Camp Rock etc. (I’m aware that this is kind of a weird answer but that’s what it was). I was already playing guitar and singing at that point but those shows really helped push that dream of making music for a living. I remember my best friend and I pretending we were on the Disney Channel and giving concerts in my parents living room when we were 11. I think a lot of kids did that. I just never grew out of it.

Where do you start when producing songs?

I always start with asking myself what kind of feeling I want to create for the song. For example, do I want something dreamy, emotional, fun? Then I produce a rough demo (usually with a piano/guitar and maybe a few other instruments) to create that feeling for the song. I then sent that demo to my co-producer and explain the vision I have and we work on finishing it together. It’s a lot of emailing back and forth!

Your latest song is ’80s Rom-Com’. Can you tell us more about the making of it and if there were any unusual things happening during the process?

I got the idea for the song when I was re-watching Pretty In Pink! That movie is so iconic, from the actors, the fashion, the music to the impact it had on pop culture. The beginning of the chorus “If this was an 80s Rom-Com, I’d be Molly Ringwald” just came to me and about 10 minutes later I had the hook “But in an 80s Rom-Com…You wouldn’t play the lead”. Once I had that the rest of the song kind of came together pretty organically. The decade is in the title of the song so I knew the production should be reminiscent of the 80s with synths and electric guitars. I made a demo and sent it to my co-producer in Nashville, Lukas Scott Klingensmith, and we finished it together. I don’t live in Nashville so we produced that song without even being in the same space which was probably the most unusual thing in the creation process!

What was the most difficult challenge you faced?

I’m a perfectionist. And even though people sometimes use that as a positive attribute it really can be quite hindering to the process when you never truly feel like a song is perfect. So the most difficult challenge when making this song was finishing it and just letting the song be.

What is your goal in artistic activities?

My goal is for my music to be the soundtrack to people’s lives. I think we all have songs that remind us of a certain time in our lives. If my songs could be that for other people that would be amazing! I’m also always looking to make an immersive experience for my audience that goes beyond the music itself. For “80s Rom-Com” for example, the main colors are pink, silver, purple, dark blue & gold and the fashion is more 80s and 90s inspired. I try to give my audience images that they can associate with each song. For me, the artists that create a whole world around an album or single are always the most fun – so that’s what I try to do for my audience as well!

How do you know when a work is finished?

That is something I still haven’t figured out completely yet. I think a lot of artists have this feeling like there is always something that could be improved on a project. I’m the same way, but I’ve learned to concentrate on what is the most important thing for me: the lyrics. So I make sure I take my time editing those and I say everything I need to say. With everything else I try my best not to worry too much. I also try to put myself in the shoes of the listener. Would it make a huge difference to their listening experience if a certain element was changed? If yes, I go back in. If not, I let it go. I guess when I think the overall feeling that I had in mind is achieved I know a song is finished. But yes, if I would let my perfectionism take over, I could very well spend a year on the production of a song.

What is your trademark? It’s about unique sounds or behaviours on stage.

I think for one my voice has a specific tone to it which makes me stand out. It’s definitely more delicate which I think lets me convey the emotions in my music well. I also try to always surprise the listener in my music whether that’s a voice message at the beginning of a song (like in “80s Rom-Com”) or a production element that you only notice after having listened to a track 20 times. I love those layers in songs. My audience already knows this but I write every song I put out. I love language and poetry so even though the production element is fun I think my songwriting and the way I choose the words in my songs is very purposeful, so I’d say my storytelling is my trademark.

What are your biggest achievements so far as an artist, but also personally?

Of course the numbers on social media are fun but I think for me (and without sounding too cheesy) when I get messages from people saying that they can really connect to a song I poured my heart into, there’s nothing that makes me happier or prouder. It makes the impact your music has tangible and I think for me the thought of impacting someone’s life positively with my music like that is the biggest achievement.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

It’s difficult to pinpoint a certain response but when someone says that I’m currently their favorite artist that always is surreal to me. There are so many artists to choose from who make incredible music so when someone says I’m their favorite, that always sticks out. I’ve gotten that a few times now which is really nice.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to reach the largest audience I possibly can so my music can have an impact in a big way. I’d also love to start opening for bigger artists – that would be a dream come true cause I’d really love to meet the people who listen to my music in real life. Other than that, I am constantly writing and continuing to develop my sound and grow as an artist so there’s definitely so much more music on the way which I’m really excited about!

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