Ebun Yelé is a talented singer-songwriter looking to stamp an impact on the industry. With a sound that uses the tendencies of Afrobeats, pop and R&B to concoct a sound that augments its characteristics, there’s depth and elevation to the vocality of Yelé, who impresses with her lyrical nuance and diverse sonic approach.

We have just been blessed with the artist’s debut single, the vibrant and colourful cut “Underwater”. The newcomer borrows the production skills of sunsetdrver, who also co-writes the track, to help bring out the best of her artistry. Rhythmically and in the soundscape, Yelé leans into the Afro tendencies, with the brisk percussion and intricate instrumentation proving a dynamic and consuming palette for the singer to vocally draw upon. Thematically, the song focuses on a relationship that is no longer giving the participants what it needs to. There’s an uplifting turn with Yelé sprawling a tale of overcoming the relationships, being honest and emitting self love.

Talking on the release, Ebun comments, “I wanted to showcase myself in a way that people knew who I was and could be identifiable. I chose braids and artistic styling to showcase my Nigerian roots. My outfits were inspired by the song. One look in gold chains to symbolise being captured, we had Myler sheets to create a water effect on me and then interesting styling to show my creative side”.

The track is accompanied by a dazzling visual, directed by Lutch, which you can view below!

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