Emerging London-based artist XNewRoman has released a debut single, “Fire Treading Water” and it truly marks the start of something massive. Classified as electronic yet experimenting with pop, dance, house, and alt-rock, XNewRoman creates a one-of-a-kind sound. A strong beat grounds the layers of guitar and percussion sounds, altogether forming an atmospheric, otherworldly sonic masterpiece. Piercing lyrics that linger long after the song has finished are the cherry on top. “Fire Treading Water” is a true testament to the creativity and mastery of the emerging artist.

Growing up in the suburbs of Rome and now living in London, XNewRoman has a unique personal background that has influenced his music today. “I experienced the duality between going for a daily walk in an open air museum and living the struggle of a grandiosity that only once existed yet still fluctuates in the streets of my hometown. This led me to the cult of beauty, the search of elegance and mystery opposed to a more underground and simple reality,” the artist explains. “In London I found a fresh, exciting dimension which I now call home.”

This cultural dualism reflects itself not only in the sound of “Fire Treading Water”, but in the artist’s name as well — a name you’ll no doubt see everywhere soon. Be on the lookout for more from XNewRoman, bound to enchant and allure you even further.

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